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Build a Radio!
Flash & Trash
Bench Lathe Manufacture & Hand Scraping
Modern Steam Car and It's Background
Twinplex Regenerative Receiver
Dave Gingery comments on the Twinplex...
I've had my fill of idiots for a lifetime.
Lindsay Publications
Hasluck's Metalworking Handbook
Fuel From Water
Popular Foundry Books
Gas, Gasoline and Oil-Engines
Advanced Machine Work
Wagner's Chemical Technology
Experimental Physics
Modern Locomotive Construction
Accurate Tool Work
Radio for the Millions
Best Selling Lathe Books
Build a 40,000 Volt Induction Coil
Run Your Car on Wood & Coal
Gingery Books
Build a Machine Shop from Scrap Series
Never ending nightmares
Bandage Your Nose with a Jock Strap!
Steam Powered Computer Retired
Catastrophic Hair Loss!
Electrocution Possible!
Weird inventions
Lindsay's Million Watt Hot Dog Cooker!
Incredible Inventions Being Developed!
Atmospheric Energy Extractor
Lindsay's Teleportation Football Helmet

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